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Since 2007 Brett Minchington has shared best practice and trained thousands of managers to inspire them to innovate their people practices in cities including:​

New York, Paris, Milan, Dubai, Moscow, London, Warsaw, Copenhagen, Shanghai, Minneapolis, Bad Nauheim, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Melbourne, Sydney, Cluj, Manila, Mumbai, Dehradun, Bucharest, Vilnius, Zurich, Singapore, St Petersburg, Como, Brisbane, Lisbon, Adelaide, Auckland, Druskininkai, Vilnius, Braislava, Wellington, Tashkent, Kuala Lumpur, Perth, Johannesburg, Delhi, Brussels, Santiago, Tel Aviv, Madrid and Kiev and many more.




Brett Minchington has delivered the keynote address at conferences and functions around the world Including Randstad Awards in Canada, Australia, Singapore and Sweden, International Employer Branding and Engagement Summit (Russia), 9th Human Capital Expo (Chile), Employer Brand Experience Summit (Netherlands), Government HR Leadership Conference (Australia), RCSA International Conference (Australia), Employer Branding International Conference (India), Employer Branding & Engagement Forum (Ukraine), Human Sense Summit (Lithuania) and many more.

To inquire about Brett Minchington delivering a keynote address at your next event, please contact Andrea below.



This world leading employer branding course will provide you with the latest strategic tools, insights, case studies and actionable content from around the world including unlimited access to an online resource library of 600+ articles, case studies, whitepapers and books to build your knowledge in employer branding. Upon graduation you will have demonstrated capability as a leader who can lead an employer brand strategy and is prepared to face the multiple challenges of attracting, engaging & retaining talent in the new world at work!

To inquire about the Certificate in Employer Brand Leadership please contact Andrea below.



The International Employer Brand Leadership masterclass is delivered over 1-2 days and provides an deep insights into employer brand principles, practices, trends and usually includes 1-4 local guest speakers presenting case studies of best practice employer brands.


Previous guest speakers have included leaders from global brands such as Google, IBM, Vodafone, Microsoft, Thales, BASF, Vestas, Fererro,  Deloitte, Sodexo, JTI and many more. The masterclass is researched and positioned for:


General Managers, HR, Marketing and Communication Directors, Senior Managers of Human Resources, Recruitment Staffing, Talent Management, Hiring, Sourcing, Graduate Recruiting, Marketing, Brand, Communications, PR and  IT.


Launched in 2006 these Masterclass events have been conducted in more than 40 cities including: New York, London, Paris, Zurich, Moscow, Dubai, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Sydney, Milan, Pilbara, Manila, Como, Delhi, Mumbai, Dehradun, Brisbane, Auckland, Perth, Wellington, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Johannesburg, Copenhagen, Minneapolis, Bad Nauheim, Istanbul, Adelaide, Bucharest, Cluj, Druskinikai, Shanghai, Warsaw, Brussels, Santiago, Antofagasta, Kiev, Odessa, Madrid, Tashkent


Brett Minchington offers customised in-house training programs for all levels to raise the level of awareness, knowledge and capability in employer branding. The training may be delivered as part of a leadership development program or as part of an employer brand strategy project.

To enquire about our in-house training sessions please contact Andrea below.

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