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Brett leads an International team of associates coaching and advising companies on employer brand strategy best practice.


We have experience coaching and consulting to CEO's and senior managers to assist them to develop their Employer Brand and Employee Experience strategy.


Our employer brand ecosystem approach has been licenced by some of the leading employer branding agencies in Russia, UK and Canada.

We apply a powerful and targeted global networked model, which can be customised to meet your unique needs. 

Our consulting services have been re-engineered (including virtualisation and on-demand) to minimize the lag times such as meetings, endless proposals, setting up interviews and focus groups, etc you would normally experience in working with a full scale agency . Our processes are agile without compromising on quality.

Our consulting is supported by industry leading research instruments including the EBI Employer Brand Attributes Index, Employer Value Proposition (EVP) Survey and Employee Experience Mapping tool which are used to assess the current health of your employer brand and to determine key priorities for future investment and focus.

Our Employer Brand Strategic Audit methodology is assisting global companies to understand how their current employer brand is perceived by employees, customers, stakeholders and potential hires. The outcome of the audit assists firms to design, integrate and evaluate their company's employer brand program. We have consulted to global, national and regional brands since 2007.

The Employer Brand Strategic Audit may include parts or all of the following:

  • Survey of your employee population using the statistically validated EBI Employer Brand Attributes Index and Employment Value Proposition (EVP) Survey against global benchmarks

  • In-depth 1-1 interviews with your CEO/MD and Senior Leadership team to determine leadership aspirations

  • A series of Employer Value Proposition (EVP) discovery and insights groups with a sample of your employee population

  • Review of your HR systems, practices and policies

  • Review of your competitor's employer branding activities

  • Candidate and Employee Experience journey mapping

  • Mapping and review of your EVP communication touchpoints

  • Survey of your customers and talent target audience

  • Review of the alignment of your corporate, consumer and employer brands

  • Development of employer brand performance metrics

To enquire about our consulting or coaching services please contact Andrea below